Captain Stabbin video

Courtney is a country girl with a fantasy. She wants to have sex on a ship. In this Captain Stabbin video she makes her anal sex fantasy come true, as CaptainStabbin is happy to oblige.

She starts sucking  the captain right the moment they set foot on the ship. After a good deepthroat from Courtney she offers him her ass and pussy to ravage. Suffice to say the hardcore fucking that went down was everything she fantasized about for so long. Now she has one more thing on her list crossed out. It’s no wonder she’s so good at screwing guys, this girl has a colorful imagination. You really have to see how this sexy babe spread her legs wide open, offering him a full access at her tight pussy hole or her stretched ass hole.

And while she was being hammered hard and deep by that super large tool, she started to rub her clit, in order to make herself even more wet, so that immense tool could slide in more easy and more deep. You got to see this video until the end, to see what other incredibly hot things are about to happen here with these two horny guys. They were so horny today that this was the only thing that they had in mind. Stay tuned to see what other things are about to happen here and get ready for some pretty nasty action. I promise that this super hot post will totally blow your mind!

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Captain Stabbin – Liza takes it rough

Liza is one smoking hot girl, and she knows it.Captain Stabbin couldn’t resist bringing her on his boat when she showed him her round ass and perky breasts. As the two began to kiss, Liza eventually made her way down to find some CaptainStabbin hot cock. Giving an exquisite oral performance she then asked the captain to fuck her hard. Liza is crazy about taking it rough in every way possible. See this awesomely hot hardcore fuck videos of her and the captain. You won’t regret it! If you liked this video and you wanna watch other great anal sex videos, come inside website and enjoy.

You are going to be really fired up after watching a few moments of this incredibly hot hammering session and you are going to be amazed after seeing how that super large tool will slide into that muffin. Never knew that a pussy hole could be some roomy, for such a huge tool to get in, but it seems like this chick was pretty excited and wet, that's why she didn't even needed a foreplay prior to this incredible hammering session. Stay tuned to see what other things are going to happen next and make sure that you are here until the end, to see how both guys will cum. It's going to be spectacular, I promise you, so don't miss it cause it would be such a shame. See you soon, friends, with other exclusive scenes, just for you! Bye!

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Captain Stabbin Cecily handling two cocks

This time we have Cecily here. And boy is she a looker. The Captain Stabbin Cecily combo started with a wonderful blowjob, following a  nice and rough deep anal penetration. Captain Stabbin s first mate joined in on the fun after a while and the joyful Cecily received a double penetration to remember. Watch the great scene of hot and hard fucking that went down at and decide for yourself if this girl knows how to pleasure a guy or not. After they kept switching roles between plunging their cocks in her  ass and pussy, the two blew their loads on her cute little face.

captain stabbin cecily and two large cocks

The look on her face afterwards was one of pure satisfaction, guess she had her own plans for this cruise. Visit website and have fun watching similar videos and pictures. Enjoy watching how this cute babe will manage to handle both cocks in the same time, just like a pro. She will take one of them into her tight muffin, while the other one will be deeply shoved into her wide opened mouth. Stay tuned to see what other things are going to happen next and I promise that you are going to get really fired up and naughty. Stay tuned to watch what else is going to happen next and you are going to have a surprise. You will see how this cute redhead chick will end up having some immense creamy jizz loads spread all over her tits and on her face.

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Ass full on her first boat ride

The captain picked up this hottie while taking a walk around port. Her name is Roseanne and having hardcore sex is her game. Captain Stabbin took her on the boat for a tour but she had other things in mind as you’ll see. She wanted to have some anal fun and she is ready to prove to the captain her great ass fucking skills. After taking it balls deep in her butt, she had the captain blow his load afterwards all over her sizzling body. You have to see how these two are going to have fun right there, on that boat and how are they going to manage to please each other, in such an impressive way.

Captain Stabbin handling a huge cockShe is so good and she knows so many tricks with her pussy that she will manage to impress this guy, to make him want her so bad! Stay tuned to see exactly how she is going to end up having a huge load of sticky jizz all over her pussy. Have the best time with this update and come back the next time, for more exclusive scenes! You will get really fired up and you will surely have to do something about that boner that you will have right into your pants so go ahead and do you own thing while watching this deep and hard penetration! Enjoy watching these two and see what other kinky stuff are they planning to do on that boat, cause of course that now that they got so fired up and naughty,they will start doing all sorts of incredibly hot and exciting things. Enjoy each scene and get ready to see something spectacular!

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Savanna banged in the ass

Captain Stabbin is back with his latest catch. This time he brought Savanna along for a pleasure cruise.He saw her at the docks hot, bang ready and like she was looking for a date. Long story short, he took her aboard and for some reason she got really turned on. And before she knew it she was out at sea receiving a hard anal sex. CaptainStabbin has his hands full as this chick simply rode him like a stallion all day long. We were certain she’s an expert the moment she dragged his pats down and started slurping on his dick. Enjoy watching this deep hammering session!

You will see how she will stroke that cock with one hand, while she is being pumped and from time to time, she will shove her hand right between her legs, so she could reach her muffin and bang her clit, in order to become more wet and more horny. Stay tuned to see what other things are going to happen next and get ready to be really excited, cause these two are fucking like they never did before. Just look at them, how eager they are to get pumped!

Captain Stabbin anal destruction

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Captain Stabbin Melina hammered hard

Hello there! this time we have Captain Stabbin Melina here with us. The captain and his first mate met Melina outside his favorite surf shop. He didn’t find a new surf board but he found this hot analpetite babe. Although hesitant she went with them. After they took her back to the ship and soon enough the boat started rocking. Her hesitations gone now, she could do what she does best, sucking and fucking like there’s no tomorrow.

Why don’t you take a look at her gallery at and see her hunger for cock. This pleasure cruise continued for the whole day and you have to see it all, to check out what are they going to do right next. Stay tuned to see how this hot babe will bounce on top of that huge cock, while the other one is going to start banging her mouth, with such a great lust. See how this hot babe will be double banged by these horny guys who are so eager to shove their tools right into her wide opened mouth and her famished pussy. If you wanna see other beautiful babes riding cocks, enter the femdom empire site and have fun inside it!

Captain Stabbin melina working hard on two cocks

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CaptainStabbin – Asshole destruction

CaptainStabbin took his ship to port and a well deserved break. As he went to a nearby diner to grab a bite to eat, he noticed Monique eating by herself, and instantly he wanted to eat her out. After a few minutes of socializing he asked her if she’d like to see his Team Skeet ship, and of course she said yes. Not five minutes after coming onboard, she tells Captain Stabbin that having sex on a boat is one of her fantasies. Not prolonging the wait she takes out his dick and immediately starts to give him a passionate blowjob.

Getting him hard enough she decides it’s time to get her holes filled. Being dissatisfied with having just her pussy fucked she took his cock and stuck it in her ass. Go see her hard anal destruction at , where she was ready for anything, and we do mean everything.  You must see this skinny bitch being pumped by that super large tool and you must see how she is going to bounce on top of that tool, taking the entire cock right into her eager pussy. Enjoy and get ready to be really surprised!Captain Stabbin anal fiesta

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First anal experience

This time our first mate totally hooked Captain Stabbin up with two hot girls. Just take a look at those hot and wet butts, Diane and her black booty friend Denise. Diane has no problem being fucked every way and in every hole, but this was Denise’s first anal experience.  Even though it was her first time, she took it up the ass like a champ, by the end of the day the boat was rocking from the hot fucking onboard. You really must see this hardcore gang bang, cause it’s smoking hot and it will definitely turn you on, for sure.

Captain Stabbin double anal penetrationYou must see how all these babes will offer their holes to these guys and they will take advantage of this chance and start pumping them with such a great lust. Enjoy watching how they are all going to fuck and be fucked and get ready to be really fired up cause the following scenes will turn you on, I promise. From the first minutes of this amazing video, you are going to get really fired up and naughty and you will get turned on instantly cause this incredible gang bang will be the most exciting one. Stay tuned to see what other things are they going to do next and see how they will end up.

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CaptainStabbin – Working hard on two cocks

CaptainStabbin is back again with a new hot girl for you today. Sandra signed up for a joyride oh the captain’s ship for today, and you can be sure she enjoyed every moment of her anal sex experience. Not long into the cruise the cap put the ship on auto control and went down on the deck to talk with the hot bodied Sandra. Not too long after, she was stroking his dick and sucking it. When the first mate came around to check on her, he got in on the threesome too.

Watch her taking a rod up her ass at while also doing a superb blowjob. Take a look at this horny babe and see how she is going to be double fucked and she will finally get to please her muffin once and for all. Stay tuned to see what other things are going to happen next with her and get ready to see how she is going to grab those huge tools and play with them. It seems like this is her favorite sport nowadays and she just loves to be double banged. Enjoy! If you liked this scene and you wanna see other beauties getting their tight holes stretched to the limits, check out the sicflics blog! Enjoy!

Captain Stabbin hardcore threesome

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Captain Stabbin Galleries

Courtney came all the way from Miami just to come aboard the S.S.Stabbin! Check out her Captain Stabbin Galleries right now. You wont believe what she did to our Captain Stabbin. She had one clear goal as soon as she stepped aboard the ship. And that was to fuck our captain’s brains out. She shows him she knows how to cruise the high seas in style, giving him what we like to call a professional blowjob, and offering her ass to be pounded. It seems she brought her A game for this cruise.

If you liked this video update come inside blog and see other naughty babes getting their asshole stretched to the limits. Enjoy watching how she is going to bend over and let him come from behind and stuff his extra large cock deep into her tight hole. You are going to have a great time watching this incredible update that is going to turn you on that much! Stay tuned to see what are they going to do right next, now that they got so excited and willing to do all the nasty things ever. Enjoy each and every single scene and be ready to have a huge boner into your pants. Have fun and see you tomorrow with an additional scene, just for you!

Captain Stabbin rough anal

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